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…appears in a new fifteen-second McDonald’s commercial.

Check it out here.

I’m loving Theune,


…in this new Volkswagen Beetle commercial:

I want to hear the whole song,


…because it’s so damn creepy.

Looks like Andre the Giant in drag,


…in this new commercial for ESPN’s Monday Night Football:

We watched Walter,


…now in 3D!

Game over, Reverend,


And no computer graphics were used?!? (Save for the diamonds and bottle of body wash popping out of the palm of his hand, of course.)





…for the most part, but I love this guy… and the commercial:

I’m on a horse,



That’s it. Just beautiful.

The only good thing about the Olympics,


Last week, I told you about this holiday-themed commercial from Garmin.

Today, I’ve got another for you right here:

Creepier than Tim Curry,



Old Poop!