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Still one of the best animated movies ever made.


My process usually starts on the toilet,



I want to fuck you like Abraham Lincoln’s mom,


…composed a violin concerto titled “Rain.” Here’s a short documentary about its premiere performance.

It runs in the family,


…at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

I’ll be posting more about it soon, but for now enjoy these clips of composer Michael Giacchino rehearsing with the orchestra before the event.

Lady, don’t tell me how to pronounce his name,


I just started doing some freelance writing for “Variety” and my first assignment was a piece on composer Harry Gregson-Williams and his work on the “Metal Gear Solid” series of video games.

You can check out the article here.

In addition to getting to speak with Gregson-Williams himself, I also had the opportunity to interview Hideo Kojima, the creator of “Metal Gear Solid.”


“Tetris” deserves a big-budget score,


Old Poop!