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…I ran, owned, edited, and everything’d the humor and entertainment magazine Tastes Like Chicken alongside a group of some of the best and most creative human beings to ever walk the planet.

During those ten years, every page of Tastes Like Chicken—its newsprint monthlies, its perfect-bound magazines, and its enormous web archive—was designed on this Dell desktop computer.

R.I.P. TLC Dell: 1999 - 2015

Last week, I took it into Best Buy to be recycled.

The end of an era… with one final chapter to come,


…which is why “The Blarg” has been silent for so long.

But now I’m (and my computer is) back!

Stay tuned,


See the computer (and the entire building process) right here.

I wouldn’t put that thing up on a desk,


Old Poop!