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…about a month ago. I carved “GW” into it before it dried.

Not for Bush, the shitty president(s) or the shitty band.

Obviously, this stands for “Grey” and “West,” but when I showed it to KB she asked if it was for George W. Bush. Clearly, after eleven years, she doesn’t know me very well.

Yesterday, they poured even more concrete out back, right next to the slab they poured last month. This time, I tried a little bit harder to make it stand out… and slightly more obvious.


Still, KB asked if it stood for “WHITE RABBITS? GODDAMN!”

Not my first time defacing city property,


NIN FOREVER... in concrete.

…but high-five to the person who did!

I did do this one though,


When we move out of our apartment at the end of the month, I’ll miss this impulsive little concrete etching I did shortly after we moved in.

I had never actually carved anything into wet concrete before, even as a kid. I must admit, I was torn between “JS+KB” and “FART.”

I won’t miss the mystery (non-Mr. Fabulous) dog shit that magically appears on our lawn every morning.

Pick up after your goddamn dog or I’m gonna take a shit on your lawn,


…because I was nowhere near this street in 1997.

That’s old school,


Old Poop!