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You were comment #10,000 here on the The Blarg!

10,000 comments on "The Blarg"!

Paul Spooner: Super Commenter
Now on to 20,000,


…for this.

Can’t wait to tune in,


…on finishing her second half-marathon this past weekend!

There were more people there,


…tonight on CBS. Check your local listings and all that jazz.

Also, a big congrats to Jorge on landing a leading role on the new J.J. Abrams project “Alcatraz.” Learn more about his next project here.

Keeping busy,


…on finishing their first-ever half marathon!

Bill and I slept in and ate breakfast,


…on his upcoming guest spot on “How I Met Your Mother.”

Learn more here.

Two in one week,


…on getting a new job! Woohoo!

The economy is officially coming back… ish,


Old Poop!