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Amazing skull cookie jar from Jamie!

…for this amazing cookie jar!

Grey's gonna join Those Darn Accordions!

Grey also thanks you for her new accordion.

More thoughtful than I deserve,


…a few years ago as a Christmas present:

It’s been sitting out in the kitchen of my last three apartments ever since. I’ve probably looked at it a few thousand times over the years.

Today, I cleaned the glass part of the cookie jar leaving Kermit sitting all alone. I glanced over at one point and saw him staring at me like this:

I never noticed it before, but there is something highly suggestive going on here. Like I’m waiting for him to start talking and say (in his Kermit the Frog voice), “Hey, Shady. Look at what Kermie’s got for you. It’s right here… and about this long.”

Yikes. My kitchenware is starting to talk to me. I really need to stop drinking.

Kermit the Perv,


Old Poop!