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…from Chucky!


And a pumpkin!


And Supermarket Sweep champions!


And from all us Shadys!


And like that, my favorite time of year comes to an end,


PS: There was also an appearance of a duck, which some of you may remember.


This year, the Shady family decided to go as friends from Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

Grey was the center of attention as the man himself.

Paging Miss Danger.

KB conjured up the spirit of the late, great Phil Hartman as Captain Carl.

That's her real five-o-clock shadow.

I granted wishes as Jambi.

Wish? Did somebody say wish?

And West’s first Halloween costume was Pterri the Pterodactyl.

And Pterri!

Have a Happy Halloween!

But I don’t want to be the Pterri,


PS: I know I’m biased, but last year’s costumes were pretty sweet, too.


2016 pumpkins!

As some of you may know, Grey loves making this scary face.

Grey face!

So we decided it was only appropriate to carve that face into her pumpkin.

Grey pumpkin!

Beth did an awesome carve of the “snake creature” from Beetlejuice. We’ve come for your daughter, Chuck!

"We've come for your daughter, Chuck!"

For her second Halloween costume, Grey decided to go as John Belushi as a Killer Bee from Saturday Night Live. This is keeping with her “going as someone as someone” tradition.


She thinks she pulled it off pretty well…

Grey Bee-lushi!

…and she especially liked her stinger.

Now with more stinger!

KB and I opted for the Martians of Sesame Street.

Sesame Street Martians!

Here we are in action:

Happy Halloween from the Shadys!

The real most wonderful time of the year,


This year, we attempted a theme: We would each go as a Will Ferrell character.

Unfortunately, KB’s Ron Burgundy didn’t happen, but Grey went as Harry Caray.

Grey as Harry Caray!

I went as Gene Frenkle, AKA Blue Öyster Cult’s “MORE COWBELL!” musician.

More cowbell!

That’s a woman’s sweater. And I really need to work on that beer gut.

Anyway, Grey also got this cute Batgirl costume from her Great Aunt Carol, so she rocked that outfit as well.

Grey as Batgirl!

Obviously, things have been crazy, but I think we did okay for throwing them together last-minute.

I went trick-or-treating in my costume… alone… at 2AM,



…American Goth!

Strangely, when we went shopping for our outfits this was the bag they came in.



Didn’t have to celebrate Halloween in November this year,


More like the AWESOMEST place on Earth!

Ohhh yeah… brother!

Pretty sweet costumes, especially for a middle-aged daughter and her slightly-more-than-middle-aged mom.

Still, the best Macho Man costume ever goes to my good buddy Kevin Kittridge who, on the night of our wedding three years ago, braved a brisk fall evening in Chicago wearing nothing more than hot pink underwear and a sequined cape.

Look at the balls on this guy! Literally!

Snap into fucking awesome!

And I like to think I made a pretty good Hogan myself.

So many wrestling costumes, so little time,


…because… honestly, I’m not sure how that happened, but it did.

Anyway, because of this fact, KB and I decided to turn our annual Thanksgiving get-together into a costumed dinner.

The whole gang showed up, including the Doctor and the Captain…

The Doctor and the Captain!

…Liam McPoyle from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Liam McPoyle!

…a Dodger fan…

Dodger fan!


Belle (and a beast)!

…Flula and Jennifer (who poops at parties)

Flula and Jennifer (who poops at parties)!

…and even Kanji got into the spirit by dressing up like a pumpkin.


Oh! And Tio Salamanca from Breaking Bad showed up with his bell!

As for KB and me, we opted for two classics: Gomez and Morticia Addams.

Gomez and Morticia Addams!

KB pulls off a mustache about as well as I pull off heels,


In 2009, these were our Halloween costumes.

In 2010, we went as this.

And in 2011, we decided to dress up like this.

But this year, KB and I decided to cook up a nice batch of blue for Halloween.

And my dad couldn’t have been prouder.

Happy Halloween,


…sent me this photo of his computer screen at work:

On his monitor is the photo of KB and me as the twins from “The Shining.” Hanging above the monitor is a poster for a Diane Arbus exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Arbus’ famous photograph of the twin girls, titled Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967, inspired the twins in the film.

Pretty badass.

Thanks for sending it along, Brandon!

I have a feeling this is about to start a slew of Kindle-like posts,


…Kathy and I dressed up like this:

Come play with us, Danny,


Old Poop!