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…and got rid of a ton of old clothes.

Most weren’t worth noting, but I wanted to give a proper sendoff to a few items.

First, this t-shirt that my good friend Dwellephant did the art for (I think it was for a Camel-sponsored party at the old Lady Bug Club in Milwaukee):

Bon voyage!

For that same event, my good friend Erik Rose did the art on this shirt:


Dwellephant also gave me this t-shirt many Christmases ago. It features my main Milwaukee man-crush: Mike Gousha!

Auf wiedersehen!

A shirt for Columbus-based band Cotton Jackson (I drew up that logo for them over a decade ago):

Au revoir!

The Teen Girl Squad shirt the Brothers Chaps sent me after I interviewed them for Tastes Like Chicken:


And finally, this not-so-old COCK hat from Goorin Bros., which shouldn’t be falling apart but for some reason (i.e. a severe drop in product quality) is:

So long!

At least I was able to save the patch.

Now hanging on a rack at the Council Thrift Shop on Pico,


Old Poop!