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…which we ordered from the talented folks at Monstorium.

Grey got a La Llorona ornament…

Grey's 2019 La Llorona ornament!

…and West got a classic ghost.

West's 2019 ghost ornament!

Our annual Krampus ornament is still coming,


From Yvonne Laube Designs! Dig it!

The 2018 Krampus ornament!

It’s a great addition to our growing Krampus ornament collection.

Also this year, we decided to start a new tradition where we buy each of the kids a monster/creature ornament. This year, we chose to start with the Yeti (AKA Abominable Snowman).

Grey’s ornament comes from Art of Melodious:

Grey's 2018 Yeti ornament!

And West’s from Red Marionette:

West's 2018 Yeti ornament!

Maybe next year’s monster will be Chupacabra! Or Cthulhu! Or Trump!

Five Krampus ornaments strong,


Old Poop!