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…for inviting me to guest critique during his animation class at Columbia College Chicago… even if I was late.

Yep. I was late. Again.

See, I still can’t get to college classes on time.

Anyway, I had an awesome time meeting Brandon’s class of talented, enthusiastic students, each one passionate about their projects and craft. I look forward to seeing their final animations as they come together over the next year.

Also, the pay wasn’t bad.

Yum! It's already gone.

I’m also available for weddings and funerals,


…is looking for some feedback on a photo project he’s currently working on.

You can check it out here on is blog.



…who occasionally pops up on “Sketchbook” here, recently sent me a new piece (titled “Rage + Hate”) he drew in one of his sketchbooks.

(Click on the image to view a larger version.)

Rage + Hate by Drew Linne

Drew asked me for a critique. I told him he should start drawing on individual sheets of paper and try selling his art.

What do you guys think?

Learn more about Drew here.

Open for debate,


Old Poop!