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…just showed up in a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Dig it!

I’d be pleased as punch if Theune were my stepfather,


The Box Angeles podcast interviews Dave Theune!

…got interviewed for the Box Angeles podcast.

Check it out here.

Representing the 414,


…and Pauly Shore in this Funny or Die short.

Shore’s Weiner,


Koechner + Theune = Funny or Die!

…in this Funny or Die video titled “COPS: Ferguson.”



Theune as Breyer!

…in this Funny or Die video.

Sometimes they make good points,


Dave Theune + Marilyn Manson

This Halloween Anthology from Funny Or Die.

He’s a doctor again,


Dave Theune + She-Ra

…plays doctor to Kylie Minogue’s She-Ra in this new Funny or Die short.

I hope Fisto makes an appearance,


This new Funny or Die video!

I had to look up who Tom Brady was,


…performing with Orpheus Roy tomorrow night at iO West in Hollywood!

Learn more here.

When two worlds collide,


…from those Stanley Steemer commercials.

This is like when your grandmother dies and you find out that she’s a piñata,


Old Poop!