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…and shows his loyalty to his master, billionaire/libertarian financier David Koch of Koch Industries. Check out the full story here.

The short of it: Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast prank called Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and had a twenty-minute conversation with him… while pretending to be David Koch.


Another interesting note for anyone actually supporting Walker (though I have no clue how anyone in good conscience could do so) is this story that ran last month in “The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.”

Again, the short of it: Last year, then-Milwaukee county executive Scott Walker privatized the security force at the Milwaukee County Courthouse under the guise of saving taxpayers money. The public employees were let go and a private security firm was hired to take over. Not only was the guy the private security firm put in charge of the operation a convicted felon, but the fired public workers sued and recently won an arbitration hearing that could potentially cost Milwaukee taxpayers nearly a half-million dollars.

Yeah… that’s being fiscal as hell, Walker. Nice try.

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