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…right here:

This kind of made me like him,


"Vendetta" poster!

If you live in one of these cities, go see it in the theater!

If you don’t, order it on VOD!

When you’re done, go see Jurassic World because our friend did the music!

And then go get a drink! Lord knows I am.

It’s finally here,




This is all still very weird,



Dig it here!

This is surreal beyond words.

I can’t believe my name is that big,



Dig it here!

Hopefully coming to a theater near me,


Dig it!

"Vendetta" poster! It's for real! Holy crap!

Hope I can get my hands on one,


Mason Bartlett and Dominick Abbott show up for work.

I wish I could be up in Vancouver to kick off filming with the super-talented Soska Sisters and cast (including Paul “Big Show” Wight, Dean Cain, Michael Eklund, Adrian Holmes, Ben Hollingsworth, and Matthew MacCaull), but I’m extremely grateful that such an amazing group of people is working together to bring something that I wrote to life.

Good luck to everyone involved on this first day of shooting, and be sure to think of me when you’re filming one of those horribly violent death scenes!

Still can’t believe it’s happening,


Old Poop!