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Satan is good, Satan is our pal.



A lot like this.

Running with the Mickey!

My Mickey ears are horns,



Thanks, Erik and Robyn!

I’ll use it when I sign the contract for my soul,


Looks like the Devil’s lemon,


The Devil and I have stood in the same spot.

(Click here, then scroll down to Teufelsschritt, or Devil’s Footstep.)

Shouldn’t come as much of a shock,


…but I absolutely loved my third car. It was a cherry red, 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 that had a pitch-black vinyl interior. So pretty.

I named it “The Satanic” because it was the type of car the Devil himself would drive, and because it was as big as the Titanic. You could seriously sit eight people comfortably across the car’s two bench seats.

Here’s a picture of Dave Crosland and I sitting in it back in 2003. You can click on the image to view a larger version.

Dave Crosland and Justin Shady in The Satanic

Unfortunately, rising gas prices and a move to Los Angeles forced me to sell “The Satanic” back in 2008. My Aunt Teri and Uncle John purchased the car from me just before I left Milwaukee.

Sadly, the frame of the car had become rusted throughout, so my aunt and uncle decided to sell it off for parts to a guy from Michigan. They just sent me the last photos I’ll ever see of her. Of course, since it’s winter in Wisconsin, they had to dig her out first.

Thanks for all of the awesome memories, darling. The Dodge Stratus I drive now doesn’t have shit on you.

The cars of today lack style,


<p style=”text-align: center;”><a href=”; target=”_blank”><img class=”aligncenter” src=”; alt=”Sketchbook: &quot;Sloth&quot; by Justin Shady” width=”400″ /></a></p>

…if it meant that Pat Robertson would die a horrific fucking death as soon as humanly possible.

Seriously, old man, can you not keep your deranged and hate-riddled mouth fucking shut for ten goddamn seconds? Christ.

Pat Robertson should be stoned to death in a town square,


Old Poop!