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Here’s the fourth installment of “Sketchbook,” a reoccurring section here on “The Blarg.” To learn more about “Sketchbook” and become involved yourself, click here.

The phrase for the fourth “Sketchbook” was: Devil’s Night.

Below are the submissions. Click on each image for a larger version of the art, and click on the artist’s name to visit their website.

Also, click below to check out previous “Sketchbook” assignments:

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Thanks to everyone who participated! I’ll be sending out the next assignment shortly.

Halloween Eve,



Jorge Garcia:

Sketchbook: "Devil's Night" by Jorge Garcia

Sketchbook: "Devil's Night" by Jorge Garcia

Jeremy R. Scott:

Sketchbook: "Devil's Night" by Jeremy R. Scott

Ralph Apel:

Sketchbook: "Devil's Night" by Ralph Apel

Susanne Iles:

“Girls Night Out”

Sketchbook: "Devil's Night" by Susanne Iles

“Ghouls and Boys”

Sketchbook: "Devil's Night" by Susanne Iles

Drew Linne:

“Time for dinner, Dear!”

Sketchbook: "Devil's Night" by Drew Linne

Jenea Kaitaz:

Sketchbook: "Devil's Night" by Jenea Kaitaz

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