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What will get me? The horror cliches or the boredom?

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Can’t believe they’re still cranking these out,


The shorter one also waited around in the bathroom while his friend finished taking a shit. Because, you know... THAT'S not creepy.

Here are three easy steps to do just that:

1. Own a Star Wars character backpack.

2. Own a Darth Vader helmet with Mickey Mouse ears.

3. Walk around Epcot all day long wearing the above two items with your buddy who also is walking around Epcot wearing the very same thing.

The force is… something or other with these two,


This guy should get a gig writing for Hallmark.

Brutally honest wheat pasting,


…in this James Bond parody.

He dies good,



Dear Rush,

When your enlarged junkie heart finally fails (which, by the looks of you, will be sooner than later) I’ll be the first person waiting in line to piss on your grave.

Do the world a favor and die already.

What a monster,


I’m just saying.

I’m especially amazed at the balls on this guy considering he’s clearly an ugly drag queen.

What a smelly pirate hooker,


Old Poop!