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…while moving into our new place last month.

Having gone to art school, I’ve hung on to a lot of doodles and drawings from friends over the years. These are just a few.

First up, a small bit of copy written by my good friend Dwellephant. This is from back in October of 2000 when we were collectively doing some freelance for a client named marchFIRST.

marchFIRST (which ended up going bankrupt in a little over a year) would host monthly mixers called Digital Cocktail. In the beginning, the events were pretty cool. But like most things, over time, they became bombarded with douche bags.

This is the copy that Dwellephant came up with for a mock invite.

Needless to say, he had come up with something else by deadline.

Next up, this drawing by my good friend (and college roommate) Cesar of a fat and drunken Kermit the Frog. I might be mistaken, but I think he gave me this drawing as a gift on my 18th birthday back on September 25th, 1994.

And one Cesar illustration wouldn’t be complete without another, so next up is this drawing he did of me sometime back in the fall of 1994.

Cesar and I were roommates in room 206, along with our good friends Jocco and Special K. Back then, I went by the name Guido. It was an old nickname I had carried over from working in a comic shop back in Milwaukee.

To this day, Cesar still calls me Guido.

And lastly, I came across this drawing by Cesar’s eldest daughter, Anya.

Anya drew this at the age of five back in April 2002. She recently turned 16.


We asked Anya to draw this so we could use it in “Tastes Like Chicken.” It accompanied the cover story “Can I Have A Cookie?” in May 2002. She also wrote the text for the story. Check it out here.

I have a million of these memories stored away in boxes (much to KB’s chagrin), so I’ll try and dig more of them out again some time soon.

You should see my photo albums,


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