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We had a Dima!

…for coming to visit, albeit briefly.

Next time bring the whole family,


Dima-designed Hot Wheels!

…for sending the kids a box of signed Hot Wheels cars that he designed!

Future college tuition.

Grey doesn’t understand why she’s not allowed to open them,


More Dima-designed cars...

…to add to Grey’s growing collection!

This one in particular is pretty badass.

...with his name on it!

Dima’s a real-life elf,


Star Wars Hot Wheels Carships designed by Dima!
…designed these three Star Wars Carships for Hot Wheels (including a fourth one I couldn’t find), so go out and pick them up today.

Grey’s new toys… after she turns three,


…who you may remember is a designer at Hot Wheels, helped design Optimus Prime for Transformers: Age of Extinction a few years back.

His involvement in the process was pretty top secret at the time, but he gets a nice mention/nod in this video about the design process of the character.

He gets mentioned around the 6:45 mark.

Designers in disguise,


…our good friends Erik and Robyn for this sweet pair of socks (which match her daddy’s sweet pair of socks)…

Matching socks from Erik and Robyn!

…and our good friend Dima for this Hot Wheels car (titled D-Muscle… get it?) that he designed.

Hot Wheels from Dima!

Grey loves presents… just like her father,


Kylo Ren's Hot Wheels car designed by Dima!

…designed the new Kylo Ren Hot Wheels car for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was released today as part of Force Friday.

Run out and pick one up! That is, if you can find one, because they’re getting a good amount of love.

Two in one day,


More gifts!

…for this sweet beer stein and these Pike Place Market stickers that they brought back from Vancouver and Seattle (respectively) for us.

The stickers are already on my suitcase,



…for these sweet mustache rocks glasses!

Can’t wait to use ’em,


"Fucking Awesome Banana Bread" by Dima

He doesn’t even know it,


Old Poop!