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I knew this dirty-ass rag would show up after your last visit!

For those interested in the rag’s history, click here (scroll up from the bottom).

Coming back to you… SOON,


…than to turn my back on Matt Averhoff when we were in Vegas last week.

Fuckin' Averhoff.

But because I didn’t… oh, Matt Averhoff… it’s back on!

Already plotting and scheming its return,


…have been passing a dirty rag, back and forth, for over a decade now.

That, my friends, pales in comparison to this.

At least it gave me a few ideas,


I told you I’d get you back!

Thanks to Beth, Matt and Amadeus for helping out.

Cleveland-bound dirty rag from L.A. (via Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland),


Old Poop!