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That's life!

It’s a sad world after all,


…back in October! Mostly because of… you know, life.

After flying to Chicago with KB, Grey, Meatshake, and Heisenberg on September 26th, I then flew back to L.A. to wrap up our packing/moving, grab Mr. Fabulous, and then make the long drive back to Chicago.

When I got there, I found Beth waiting to pick me up at LAX!

Surprise chaperone at LAX!

It was an awesome surprise, especially since I had just helped her move up to San Anselmo a few weeks prior.

I was only in L.A. for an insanely hectic four days, so we had to use our time wisely. To be read: We went to Disneyland…

Disneyland surprise!

…with all of these folks, who played hooky from their jobs/lives to hang out.

Yeah, buddy!

We even went over to California Adventure and rode California Screamin’, which we pondered intensely.

California... Screamin'? Hmmm.

It was a great way to leave L.A. That is, until I went back a few weeks later.

Thanks to Beth for making the long trek to surprise me, and thanks to all of the folks who came out to Disneyland. Miss and love all you guys!

I know some pretty amazing folks,


…but it took a trip to Disney World for us to actually go ahead and get them.

Check out how spot-on these are! The guy cut them in two minutes! Amazing!

KB is pretty accurate…

Disney Silhouette: KB

…but I’m seriously waiting for mine to start talking.

Disney Silhouette: Shady




…and we get gigantic candy dots!

Luckily, I have a gigantic mouth,


…I was four years old. My Uncle John was twelve.

That same month, my parents took the both of us to Disney World. It was my first time at a Disney park, and John’s second time.

Yesterday, John and I visited a Disney park together for the first time in 32 years. This time it wasn’t Disney World (not much is), but Disneyland. Regardless, we revisited some old memories.

In 1981, my dad took a photo of us together on Main Street.

John & Justin: Disney World, May 1981

Yesterday, our friend took a photo of us together on Main Street.

John & Justin: Disneyland, July 2013

In 1981, my mom bought us ice cream bars in Tomorrowland.

John & Justin: Disney World, May 1981

Yesterday, I bought us ice cream bars in Tomorrowland.

John & Justin: Disneyland, July 2013

John still carries a purse,


…for sending us eight prints of her amazing art!

And that’s not all, folks, because she also sent us four Disneyland air fresheners!

Mickey Mouse Waffle! Mickey Mouse Premium Ice Cream Bar! Candy Apple! Turkey Leg! Yeah, we’ve got all the scents up in this bitch!

So thanks, Marla, for making the walls of our apartment prettier, and the stink in our car… Disney-er.

Be sure to check out more of Marla’s work (because that photo above is total shit and doesn’t do those prints justice) here.

We’re afraid Mr. Fabulous is going to eat them,


…and caught three photo exhibitions: Herb Ritts: L.A. StylePortraits of Renown: Photography and the Cult of Celebrity, and In Focus: Los Angeles, 1945–1980.

All three exhibitions were great. If you live in Los Angeles, or if you’re visiting and are looking to check out some amazing art, get to the Getty!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the exhibitions.

Herb Ritts, Mask, Hollywood, 1989 (with model Stephanie Seymour):

Herb Ritts, Rossy de Palma, 1990:

Nadar, Victor Hugo on his Deathbed, 1885:

Edward Steichen, Auguste Rodin – The Thinker, 1902 (with sculpture of Victor Hugo in background):

Diane Arbus, A Castle in Disneyland, Cal., 1962:

Learn more about the Getty here.

And thus ends your art history lesson,


I’m no longer writing Disney-related posts for “OC Weekly,” so if you read “The Blarg” exclusively for them (I can’t imagine that’s the case), sorry, but I’m done!

Time for new things,


…for this “OC Weekly” article.

Tick-tock, tick-tock,


…for this “OC Weekly” article.



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