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So many visitors!

…for visiting this past weekend!

Also, thanks to Emily for hanging out with us at the DJ Shadow show!

We went through a lot of beer,


…raw, unedited director’s cut of Grey rocking out to DJ Shadow’s “Nobody Speak.”

So, uh… here you go.

Still not sure if this makes me a good or bad parent,


…for “OC Weekly” right here.

They were also kind enough to feature a slideshow of some of my shots from the night right here.

Thanks to Dwellephant for flying in for it,


…are these five albums:

1) Disc Two Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ “White Lunar”

2) DJ Shadow’s “The Outsider″

3) Nirvana’s “Sliver: The Best of the Box”

4) Prodigy’s “The Fat of the Land”

5) The White Stripes’ “De Stijl”

And you?

Rocking it,


Like a lot of people, I have a habit of associating music with the seasons. The Beastie Boys, for example, are good summer-listening music, while Dave Brubeck sounds best during the three frigid months of winter.

My favorite batch of music is what I like to refer to as “fall music.” I don’t know what it is about this music that makes it sound better during autumn, but (at least in my brain) that fact exists nonetheless.

Listed here (in no particular order) are my top ten favorite albums of fall. Some of them you’ve more than likely heard, while others might be a little more obscure. I encourage you to give all of them a listen, especially before December 21st.

If you have any of your own personal fall favorites, be sure to list them below in the comments section.


1. DJ Shadow “Endtroducing…”

2. Air “The Virgin Suicides: Original Motion Picture Score”

3. Moby “Play”

4. Rjd2 “Deadringer”

5. Nine Inch Nails “The Downward Spiral”

6. Radiohead “Kid A”

7. Portishead “Dummy”/”Portishead” (tie)

8. Plastikman “Consumed”

9. The Roots “Things Fall Apart”

10. Marvin Pontiac “The Legendary Marvin Pontiac”

Tricky and Tool are eleven and twelve,


Old Poop!