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No more treats, Grey!

Shit. I’ve been feeding ’em to Grey for months now.

That explains why she started barking,



I’ll take my chances with the speeding cars,


…wandering around a Lowe’s parking lot in Madera, California yesterday afternoon. They were lost, dirty and hungry. After luring them into our car with a grilled chicken breast we just happened to have on us (long story), we drove them to an animal rescue shelter in Fresno.

Since moving to California in November 2008, KB and I have rescued well over a dozen lost, abandoned or strayed animals. So to all the Californians who read “The Blarg” I beg of you, PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR GODDAMN PETS!

I’m a sucker for misery,


…to our friends Bill and Sarah in San Francisco.

Recently, we’ve begun sending postcards back and forth between our dogs; we have a mutt named Mr. Fabulous, they have a golden retriever named Bowery.

I hope their mailman is able to put two and two together because otherwise this postcard is super creepy:

Mailmen must have a million stories,


…and I shot a few (phone) photos along the way! Enjoy!

The dogs played in the water… and one of them got Cold Water Tail.

We made chili and drank a lot of booze!

And we saw a bunch of this crap, too.

I really have to update my Flickr account,


…here in Los Angeles.

They were so good that I had to rip them out and share them with you guys.

First up, a porcupine in a cast!

Next up, shitting zombie dogs!

Next, these things!

And finally… ahhh… holy shit.

All within forty pages,


Looking to adopt some cuddly new friends for the holidays? You’re in luck!

You can pick up these two cuties from the Humane Society today!

Meal’s best friend,


Old Poop!