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Dom gets all the Shady love!

…for stopping in on his way back to the U.K. (from Kansas).

He was on our side of the pond this time around,


…but we were fortunate enough to see an old airplane friend, Vanessa, and finally meet her husband Dom and daughter Olivia, during our very short visit.

Vanessa, Dom, and Olivia! In London!

They’re all amazing people. Vanessa is a talented photographer and makeup artist, Olivia is an aspiring talent agent, and Dom is a film and television composer who gifted us a copy of Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Remixes, an EP that collects remixes of his famous Doctor Who theme from 1986.

Dominic Glynn's "Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Remixes."

Thank you all so much for the wonderful dinner, spectacular conversation, and thoughtful gifts for Grey. And once again, she apologizes to all of you, and the Soho House, for her behavior!

Check out Vanessa’s stunning photography here, and then hop on over and give Dom’s music a listen here.

KB and I also had a chance to grab a few quick drinks with our friend Stewart, who we hadn’t seen in years. Great seeing you, Stew, and thanks for the booze!

Stewart! In London!

And sorry again to our friend Zitron, who we were unable to meet up with. We promise to come back to London soon… and spend more than two full days there.

Friendship is global,


…on a flight to L.A. from London.

We were on our way back home from Berlin and Belgium; Vanessa was traveling from her home country of England to meet up with her husband Dominic, who was in town as a guest at a Doctor Who convention.

Vanessa is a freelance photographer and composer; Dominic is also a composer (in 1986, he created this Doctor Who theme for the show’s 23rd Season). As fellow creative folks, we quickly hit it off.

We talked about film, television, politics—a little bit of everything—and exchanged info when we landed. Soon after, we became Facebook friends with Vanessa. A couple weeks later, we became Facebook friends with Dominic.

A few days ago, they posted this photo of Dominic reading The Roberts at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy to my wall.

Dominic Glynn reading "The Roberts" at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy!

I now officially love these folks.

Can’t wait to visit them in England… someday,


Old Poop!