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You can learn more about these money-hungry morons by clicking here.

The short of it is this: CCRT Properties was trying to collect late rent and breach of contract fees from the family of a murdered man.

In the weeks that followed my post I received two comments on the article, one from an “AJ” and another from a “Sun.” Like CCRT, these twits defended the actions of the company, telling me that I didn’t have all the facts of the story and that the article was blown “…far out of proportion.”

This morning I woke up to another comment. This time it was posted by Danelle Eckert, the mother of Colin Byars, the man who had been murdered. You can check out her comment here.

Finally, we get all the facts of the story… which are pretty much exactly what we thought they were. Yeah.

What you got to say now, AJ and Sun?

Thanks to Danelle for posting,


Why? Because of this.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves, you greedy fucks. Someone should come down to your offices and punch each and every one of YOU in the head.


If you rent from these assholes, break your lease. And if you see their name on a property you’re thinking about renting, look elsewhere.


Old Poop!