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See ya...

...faded signs.

…so after many months, we no longer need these faded signs on our front door.

Now if we could just teach Meatshake to not pee on us while we sleep,


…I don’t think I’d enter the bar in Berlin that has this scary painting on its door.

Not... sure... what's... happening... here.

I guess they’ve been warned,



…that say: “HEISENBERG!”

Contrary to popular belief, these signs aren’t announcements of our newest furry addition. Sadly, the truth behind their purpose is much more boring: Our youngest beast has taken to running out the door every time someone comes or goes, so the signs are there to serve as a reminder to watch for her.

They’ve been up for a few months now.

Over Christmas, I was watching Erik and Robyn’s furry friends while they were out of town. When I walked into their apartment, I found this sign on the inside of their front door.


Heisenberg is everywhere,


Old Poop!