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DoriZoriStories: Dwellephant

Listen to it here.

I was there when they met,


…for this.

Can’t wait to tune in,


Dwellephant and I will be returning to Milwaukee’s radio airwaves tomorrow on WMSE 91.7FM! We will be guests on Dori Zori’s show from noon to 3PM (CST).

If you’re in the Milwaukee area, tune in! If you’re not, you can still stream the show live here!

It’s been awhile,


…no, seriously.

One of the things I miss most about Milwaukee (other than the obvious ones, like friends, family and Friday night fish fries) is Alterra coffee.

After a few months of drinking cheap sludge out here (that’s the price you pay when your one-bedroom apartment costs, well… a lot) I found myself craving Alterra more than ever.

Sure, L.A. has its share of okay coffee spots, like Peet’s and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, but nothing out here compares to the caffeinated goodness of a hot pot from Alterra.

Thankfully, a few people back in Milwaukee love us, and bought me and Kathy an annual coffee subscription to Alterra! Each month we’ll get a pound of delicious coffee delivered right to our front door.

This month: Ethiopia Harar.

Alterra Coffee

Mmmm… beans.

Alterra Coffee

My Lord… I had forgotten what great coffee tasted like.

Thanks to Dwellephant, Dori Zori, Marla and Jodi for sending a little bit of home all the way to California!

I’m usually not big on being a commercial, but if you love coffee and are looking to try something new, check out Alterra here.

Home in a cup,


Featuring pictures from Dwellephant and Dori Zori’s recent trip to the Sunshine State.

Dig it here!

Photos are the new words,


Old Poop!