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…parked on the street in Beverly Hills:

Handi-man car

It was for one of those “rent-a-man” businesses; you know, where women can hire a guy to come to their house and do “manly” type of stuff, like fix things, drink beer and fart.

Side of Handi-man car

Anyway, as you can see, the side of the car had “HANDYMAN” written on it. And, as irony would have it, this was hanging from his rear-view mirror:

Handi-man's handicapped permit

Now, before I get a whole slew of hatemail, let me just say that I know that being handicapped doesn’t mean you can’t do handiwork.

It’s just that if you can, it’s pretty ironic and funny.

The coolest handyman is Handyman Negri,


Old Poop!