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…got kicked out of the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater in Austin, Texas for using her cell phone during a movie.

When she got home she called the theater and left an angry voicemail. Alamo Drafthouse then turned the voicemail into this anti-cell phone ad that they now run before every movie.

Magnited States of Fucking Dumbasses,


…I’d rather be a “small person” than a “huge dickhead.”

Keeping twisting that knife, dumbass,


It’s not YouTube’s fault that your son is a moron.

It’s in the genes,



Could it be that she’s doing it to concentrate on a 2012 presidential bid? Let’s hope so! I haven’t tired of laughing at her dumbass just yet!

Keep the jokes coming, Palin! I’m loving it!

So dumb that even boxes of rocks are offended,


Old Poop!