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Mr. Hamulous!

Pretty sure it wasn’t the first time,


Beth Shady + Ma Shady + Shady = SHADYS!

We ate a lot of food, drank a load of drinks, and rocked Easter.

It was great having her in town, and we can’t wait to see her again.

Next time she visits she’ll be Grandma Shady,


…we celebrated Zombie Jesus this past Easter Sunday!

I sported my prettiest bonnet!


The kids (some older than others) searched for colored eggs!


Salomon wore his Sunday best! I do declare!


Kyle brought his giant fruit balls to share with everyone!

Fruit balls!

And in the end we fed 18 adults, three children, two cats, and one dog.

Many mouths were fed!

Apartment #12’s biggest bash to date,



That’s him, right?

That’s what he told me at least,


Stand by Jesus… on the cross,



Old Poop!