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You know the scene (pay no attention to the Spanish subtitles):

As well as the scene that follows:

Classic, right? Well, not if you happen to be watching it on cable television at midnight, in which case you’d hear that classic bit of dialogue edited like this: “I hear you’re looking for Candyman.”

Huh? Where’s the “bitch,” bitch?

Tell me, what is “I hear you’re looking for Candyman” without the “bitch” tacked on the end? That’s right: NOTHING!

Cable, you’ve failed me,



…and you know, this movie just doesn’t hold up when they edit out every swear word and ounce of nudity.

They can’t even say “hair pie” on cable?!? What the fuck?!?

Gonna have to pick it up on DVD.

I say we blow the fuckers up,


Old Poop!