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…co-wrote a book called “The Simpsons in the Classroom: Embiggening the Learning Experience with the Wisdom of Springfield.”

And guess what? Pre-orders have started to ship!

We haven’t gotten our copy yet but word is they’ve already started to show up in a few mailboxes, so we better be getting our copy soon! Or else! Suckas!

“The Simpsons in the Classroom” explores the popularity of the cartoon series and how its lessons can be used as a learning tool in education. The book outlines ways for instructors to introduce Simpson-inspired concepts to their students, be it in literature and composition, linguistics and cultural studies, or gender studies and media appreciation.

Denise has been working her butt off on this project for over a year now and the payoff is finally here (and well worth the wait), so be sure to order your copy here today. Also, be sure to check out the book’s website here, and follow Denise and Karma on Twitter here.

Proud bald brother-like figure,


Old Poop!