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My good friend Frank Cvetkovic (who also has been known as Boom Boom Storm Cloud from time to time) just got ashcan previews of his upcoming graphic novel “Punch-Up” printed, and he sent me a freebie to check out.

Written by Frank and illustrated by David Brame, “Punch-Up” offers both a unique storyline and fantastic artwork. I don’t want to give too much away, but the short of the story is this: Patrick is a recently dumped, recently fired twenty-something who pays his bills by letting people beat the shit out of him.

There’s more to it than that, but you’ve gotta admit that it already sounds pretty goddamn intriguing.

Here’s the cover of the new forty-page ashcan, which I’m sure you could finagle a copy of if you threw a few bucks at Frank.

"Punch-Up" ashcan

In the meantime, check out this eight-page preview over on his site.

Frank’s gonna be shopping this around to publishers in the near future, looking to get it picked up as a original graphic novel. If the rest of the story is anything like the ashcan, he shouldn’t have any problem.

Mike Tyson ain’t got shit on this,


Old Poop!