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– Elvis Presley’s “Elvis is Back!” (Legacy Edition) 2-CD set


One winner will be selected randomly from all entries. The winner will receive one total prize packet. To enter, email me here with your name, age and address. The winner will be notified. Losers won’t.

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…who I wrote about here, is trying to raise money for the victims of the recent Nashville flood disaster, so she’s selling prints of this portrait she did of Elvis.

The art is an 8″ x 10″ giclée print and comes signed by the artist. Prints are $15; all proceeds go to the victims of the natural disaster in Nashville (minus shipping and packaging costs).

If you’re interested in picking up a print, email Amanda here.

Sweet charity,


…and now I have this on my CD shelf:

As an Elvis fan, I’ve accumulated quite a number of The King’s albums over the years. From greatest hits collections to live and rare recordings, I’ve pretty much got Elvis covered when it comes to the CDs on my shelf. Unfortunately–and this tends to be the case with a lot of legendary performers–quite a bit of material gets doubled up in the process. For example, “Suspicious Minds” might show up on three or four different collections. Of course, it’s not that big of a deal, but it does take up a lot of space.

This four-disc set might not be the end-all collection of Elvis’ catalog. (And, let’s be honest, short of a definitive, 100-disc set that collects every recording the man ever made, no set ever will meet those standards.) But what this set manages to do is span a wide range of Elvis’ music, collecting 100 tracks from throughout his career, making it possible for Elvis fans to at least consolidate some of their collection.

Starting with Elvis’ self-financed demo recording of “My Happiness” in 1953 and ending with a live performance of “Unchained Melody” in 1977, the set marries the classics with the rarities, the live recordings with the demos. (Note: The set actually ends with JXL’s terrible remix of “A Little Less Conversation,” but I don’t include that song in the set because, well, it’s not Elvis.)

His Christmas classics are here (“(There’ll Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me)”), as are his gospels (“Crying in the Chapel”) and country music (“Funny How Time Slips Away”). It’s an eclectic mix, sure, but it’s hard to be entirely cohesive when you’re collecting nearly 25 years worth of recordings.

The package it comes in is darn pretty, too. The box set opens up to reveal a thick, 80-page booklet that documents the life and times of Elvis with an essay from music critic and historian Billy Altman, and a bunch of rare photos of Presley throughout his career. The design of the booklet isn’t essential to the music on the discs, but because of its attention to detail the set becomes a collectible shelf piece.

If you like Elvis but aren’t interested in getting a bunch of different discs, this comprehensive set should be more than enough for you. If you’re like me and own a bunch of this music already, pick it up and have it all in one condensed package.

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Be patient with it; he swoops in for the raping at the one-minute mark.

Elvis weeps from the grave… or Bermuda,



…you delicious hunk of man meat.

Uh… you know I’m totally straight, right?

“1968 Comeback Special” was the best Elvis,


I change out the headers here on “The Blarg” pretty often. Over the past year, I’ve changed the header out nearly three dozen times.

My friend Shawn has a header archive over on his site, Darby’s Secret Stash. I thought that was a pretty good idea, so I decided to steal it! Mwa-ha-ha!

So here are all of the site’s headers from the past year. Some worked well; others are embarrassing. But hey, whatever… the site’s free. What do you want?

Here they are, shown from the oldest to the newest. Click on each banner to view a larger image.

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Bruce banners,


I was awake for approximately forty-five seconds this morning when the following happened:

I got out of bed, grabbed the two glasses of water that were sitting on the nightstand, and headed for the kitchen.

The glasses of water...

About two steps into my journey, I stepped on my belt, which I usually throw on the floor next to our bed every night before I hop in.

The belt...

Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. Sadly, today is far from normal.

Excruciating pain shot through the heel of my left foot. While hobbling back toward the bed (and spilling water all over our bedroom in the process) I looked down to see my belt trailing behind me like a rogue piece of toilet paper.

I had stepped directly on my belt buckle; more specifically, directly on the sharp metal tooth of the bastard.

The sharp culprit...

Finally realizing what was going on, I screamed and fell on the bed, spilling even more water on my journey down.

I quickly set the glasses back on the nightstand and pulled my left foot up onto my right knee. Sticking out of my heel and staring back at me was Elvis.

I yanked the metal hook from my foot, the blood giving one final squirt on the buckle as I pulled it away. Trying not to step on my left heel, I made my way into the bathroom and threw a huge bandage on the wound.

The hole in my foot...


Hello, Wednesday. How long you in town for? Twenty-four hours? Yippee.

For more bloody stories about foreign objects in my foot, click here,


Old Poop!