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…now featuring pictures of devastating fire!

Los Angeles' Station Fire!


Felvis at Disneyland!

And mothers with white wine!

Ma Shady with some white wine!

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Film is dead,


…featuring a few pictures of this guy:

Flickr update: Mickey Mouse

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We parked in Donald,


…one from a day at the LACMA:

Justin and Richard Serra's "Band"

…and another from a Sunday Food Night:

Food Night



…featuring pictures of:

Dead vampires!

Bela Lugosi

Pie with Clarence and Alabama Worley!

Rae's Restaurant

Gershwin at the Bowl!

The Hollywood Bowl

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Witty sign-off,


Featuring pictures of…

Mirrored elevator ceilings!

Mirrored elevator ceiling

Tony Gwynn looking like a badass!

Tony Gwynn

The Hotel del Coronado!

Hotel del Coronado

And more! Click here to view them all!

Stay classy, San Diego,


Meatshake & Mr. Fabulous

…now with pets!

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Cats and dogs living together,


I just uploaded some photos from the Fourth of July holiday weekend. This batch includes photos of Batcaves!

The Bronson Caves at Griffith Park


Karen's eggplant!

And more pictures of cigars!

Shady and cigar

Check all of ’em out here.

To the Batmobile,


And this update comes with photos of cigars:


Cheddar cheese ‘n’ bacon French toast:

Cheddar cheese 'n' bacon French toast

And children reading “The Satanic Bible”:

Anton Szandor LaVey's "The Satanic Bible"

Enjoy the update here!

Food, smokes and the Devil,


And if this photo doesn’t make you want to check it out, nothing will:

Shady and Dwellephant... as ninjas!

Dig it here.

I am ninja,


Featuring pictures from Dwellephant and Dori Zori’s recent trip to the Sunshine State.

Dig it here!

Photos are the new words,


Old Poop!