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…and this is most definitely an example of that.

One week ago today a rainstorm ravaged my beloved hometown of Milwaukee. For the most part, the city emerged from the storm with only a few minor bumps and bruises, but a small pocket of Milwaukee took the brunt of the rain. Massive flooding followed.

Here’s a video of that small pocket after only an hour and a half of rain.

That stretch of street is a short distance from the house of my good friends Tim and Jess. You may know them of Teecycle fame.

Fortunately, Tim, Jess, their newborn baby Clara, and their dog Bella weren’t home when the storm hit. Unfortunately, when they returned to their house the next day they found it flooded. You can read the entire story and see photos of the damage here.

Their house is, both figuratively and literally, a wash. Of course, like most people who were affected by the flood, Tim and Jess didn’t have flood insurance. This means they’re pretty much screwed.

I know times are tough and everyone is poor right now, but if you know Tim and Jess (or, hell, if you just want to do something nice for a fellow human being) please consider donating something to help them get back on their feet. Direct donations can be made via PayPal to the account

Teecycle is also still up and running and every little bit helps, so if you’d rather support them and get a t-shirt in the process, check out their store.

Give what/if you can. I’d appreciate it, and so would the Cigelskes.

Mother Nature’s a wet bitch,


…right here:

Dear friends,

On September 26th, Typhoon Ondoy devastated Metro Manila. In the course of 12 hours, it dumped 16 inches of rain all over the Philippine capital.

Three days later, the death toll (now over 140) is steadily rising, as are the number of displaced people (about 400,000).

Whole houses are underwater, people are stranded on rooftops, and the Philippine government is ill-equipped to deal with the disaster.

Rescue operations are still going on, so if you want to help, Google has put together a comprehensive list of relief efforts here.

I don’t think a lot of people realize how terrible the situation is right now, so if you just forward the links and let people know that there is something you can do to help–donate to Red Cross, send relief goods, etc.–it would make a huge difference.

Peace and love,




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