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Also, if anyone knows Catherina Wojtowicz of Chicago’s Mount Greenwood community, do me a favor and slap her square in her ignorant face. My hope is that she’ll have to be taken to an emergency room, and then they’ll refuse to take care of her.

Health care reform is going through no matter how much you morons scream and cry. Deal with it.

Flea Party Patriots,


Why? Because of this.

These fools recently held an exorcism to root out the evil “homosexual demons” that supposedly had their grips on a local 16-year-old boy.

Check out a video of the exorcism here:

Someone should exorcise the asshole demons out of the congregation of Manifested Glory Ministries. Morons.

If God were real she’d be gay,



Someday in the future, hopefully sooner than later, the nationwide ban on gay marriage will no longer be an issue.

Decades from now, the topic will be something a younger generation will look back on in amazement, much in the same way my generation looks back on the sixties bewildered by the idea that just ten years before I was born, Americans were so hateful and prejudiced that African Americans couldn’t even sit next to a white person in a restaurant.

This debate can and will continue, but I think it’s important for you to know that in the end you will be remembered as nothing more than a small-minded fool, someone who rallied against others only because they were different.

You will become a family punchline, and your grandchildren will chalk you up as being both ignorant and intolerant.

“My grandparents still use the word ‘faggot,'” they’ll embarrassingly admit to their friends. “But they’re just old bigots; they’re too small-minded to know any better.”

And they’ll be right.

When the final chapter is written on this part of American history, the very thing you fought against will be passed anyway… and you and your kind will be remembered as the villains.

May you all live long enough to see both happen.


Old Poop!