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Okay, it’s sad that I fucking know this, but if you’ve been online anytime in the past… well, EVER, you probably know about being RickRolled.

If not, you’re lucky. Still, I’ll sum it up for you: Someone (usually a person you trust) sends you a link to a video (usually on YouTube). Then, just as the video is getting started, you’re forced into hearing Rick Astley’s hit from the Eighties, “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

When (and if) that happens to you, you’ve just been RickRolled.

Here is a video example of being RickRolled:

So this morning I got up early to get the house and turkey ready for visiting guests. I turned on the TV and flipped over to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade because… well, honestly, I’m not sure why. But I did.

They had the usual shit on: Marching bands, Al Roker and a bunch of equally gay crap. But then they went ahead and mentioned how the characters from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” was going to have a float coming up, so I stayed tuned.

Finally, after a bunch of shitty puns and a lot of crappy commercials, the “Foster’s” float rolled down the street. And this, dear reader, is what aired on live television:

RickRolled on live TV on a national holiday. Fucking awesome.


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