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Ooo, la la! A skinny and mini Minnie!

…is both skinny and sexy!

I’d hate to see what an Alabaman Minnie Mouse looks like,


PS: But if anyone wants to draw an Alabaman Minnie, I’ll totally post it!

…they do Woody Woodpecker mashed up with Spider-man!

That’s twice as illegal,


…and learned the following things:

1. Jeffrey Katzenberg doesn’t use an iPhone.

2. Chris Rock hasn’t aged a day in 20 years.

3. And Ben Stiller has a limp-wristed waving style (and David Schwimmer definitely looks like a dried-out Scott Walker).

Missed a photo of Martin Short,


The other night, while stumbling back from a bar (that will explain the quality of these next two images), I spotted Alec Baldwin in front of the Carlton.

He was standing behind a barrier and waiting to cross la Croisette, while a concierge kept telling him, “Not yet! Not yet!”

I spun my camera around and shot this photo of someone who may or not be Alec Baldwin (I promise, it is):

Suddenly, the concierge started yelling, “Now! Now! Go! Go!”

And so Alec Baldwin did:

Just wait for Ben Stiller’s limp hand,


…at Cannes standing in the alley next to his hotel. He was dressed up in character, but was speaking in his normal, British accent as I walked by.

Hours later, I walked up to a huge commotion on the Croisette. People were running down the street with their cameras.

As I got closer, I saw an orange Lamborghini slowly driving toward me. Its top was down and horrible dance music was blaring from its speakers.

As it passed, this is what I saw inside:

Yep, this place is pretty fucking bizarre.

Just wait for psychedelic Baldwin,


Old Poop!