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I do this for two reasons.

The first reason is to touch base with loved ones…

Awww, what a cute kitty!

…but the other reason is to amuse myself when I happen upon an old postcard I sent them still stuck to their refrigerator years later.


I was too scared to post Milan and Dori’s postcard from Thailand,


Ooo, la la! A skinny and mini Minnie!

…is both skinny and sexy!

I’d hate to see what an Alabaman Minnie Mouse looks like,


PS: But if anyone wants to draw an Alabaman Minnie, I’ll totally post it!

Mickey Mouse in "Croissant de Triomphe."

Disney just released a new Mickey Mouse short called Croissant de Triomphe.

Not only is the new cartoon super fun, but it looks amazing. And it’s all in French!

Check it out here.

Consider me impressed,


…or at least one French dude in particular does.

Even though we haven’t updated Tastes Like Chicken‘s website in nearly five years, it still gets a pretty good amount of traffic.

Occasionally, we’ll receive an email about one of the site’s articles. Sometimes, it’s a nice pat on the back. Other times, it’s something like this:

NOTE: This email appears exactly as it was received; it has not been corrected.


You would never ever expect a french-native person to step across that, wouldn’t you? Well, you guys were wrong.

That very first sentence that you called a french saying (or so – pardon my english) is not close to something I could successfully pronounce! What in hell have the author been thinking about? Doesn’t he/she knows google? And sadly it soon made me react by warning you and doubt the quality of your entire work.

I’m off to give it a try anyway.

Meanwhile, please try to find the original ‘saying’ — and sorry if nothing comes in mind right now as to match the english translation you gave.



To which, I have this to say:

Mon cher Phil,

Merci pour votre note, mais vue que notre Francais soit aussi bon que notre Englais, nous sommes quittes.



PS: Si c’était pas pour nous, Americains ignorants, vous parlerez en Allemand.

…they do Woody Woodpecker mashed up with Spider-man!

That’s twice as illegal,


…standing on the corner of Olympic and Sawtelle. He was holding a skateboard in one hand, a half-full beer and lit cigarette in the other.

As people approached the corner to cross he’d scream out a quick rhyme about the person based on what race he thought they were.

While pointing at an Asian woman waiting to cross he screamed: “Japanese?!? Nigga, please!”

Next up was an average looking white guy wearing a hat and a backpack: “Don’t like the French?!? It’s the stench!”

The walk signal lit up and I began to cross; that’s when he got to me. I couldn’t make out the first half of his brilliant little street poem, but I heard the last line as clear as day: “Eat a knish!”

Don’t mind if I do, insane man. Don’t mind if I do.

Danish Yiddish Jewish,


Old Poop!