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At least we'll be together in Hell.

At least we’ll be together in Hell,


"Vendetta"... now with friends!

…for taking some time out of the pandemic to watch Vendetta with me.

I’m pretty sure it was only the second time I’ve watched it all the way through (we showed up ten minutes late when it played in theaters), so it was nice to be able to watch it with friends… and then collectively make fun of it with them.

I give it two and a half stars,


…but we were fortunate enough to see an old airplane friend, Vanessa, and finally meet her husband Dom and daughter Olivia, during our very short visit.

Vanessa, Dom, and Olivia! In London!

They’re all amazing people. Vanessa is a talented photographer and makeup artist, Olivia is an aspiring talent agent, and Dom is a film and television composer who gifted us a copy of Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Remixes, an EP that collects remixes of his famous Doctor Who theme from 1986.

Dominic Glynn's "Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Remixes."

Thank you all so much for the wonderful dinner, spectacular conversation, and thoughtful gifts for Grey. And once again, she apologizes to all of you, and the Soho House, for her behavior!

Check out Vanessa’s stunning photography here, and then hop on over and give Dom’s music a listen here.

KB and I also had a chance to grab a few quick drinks with our friend Stewart, who we hadn’t seen in years. Great seeing you, Stew, and thanks for the booze!

Stewart! In London!

And sorry again to our friend Zitron, who we were unable to meet up with. We promise to come back to London soon… and spend more than two full days there.

Friendship is global,




You’ve been warned,


The rubber taco is in my pocket.



…and was even more fortunate to hang with these folks while there.

L.A. friends!

More L.A. friends!

And even more L.A. friends!

I miss those kids,


…for sending me photos of their Vendetta support last Friday!

Super "Vendetta" love from my friends and family!

Super "Vendetta" love from my friends and family!

Super "Vendetta" love from my friends and family!

Super "Vendetta" love from my friends and family!

Super "Vendetta" love from my friends and family!

Super "Vendetta" love from my friends and family!

Pretty cool to see it up on a marquee,


…filled with some interesting foods…

I want seconds!





So brutal!

Yeah... bitches.

…great friends…


More friends!

More more friends!

And even more friends!

…and loving family.

Sexy siblings!

Sweet siblings!

Sexy spouses!

Sweet spouses!

When all was said and done, we had 31 humans (28 adults and three kids), two dogs, and two cats crammed in our two-bedroom apartment.

All 31 not pictured here!

And we all sang “Happy Birthday” to Mr. Fabulous as she ate her cake (A.K.A. an entire can of wet food).

Everyone sings to Mr. Fabulous on her ninth birthday!

I like Thanksgiving for all the reasons above, but I also like it because it gives me an excuse to wear a tie.

I love tie.

Alright, Christmas… bring it,


666! The friends of the Beast!

I love you if you get it,


I resent them for leaving… but my liver thanks them,


Old Poop!