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I recently came across some old photos I shot over the last twenty years or so.

Rather than let them sit on a CD for the rest of my life I figured I’d save them to my desktop, dust them off, and share them with you guys one image at a time.

Hope you enjoy them.

"Happy Disney Family"

Happy Disney Family

I shot this image of a father and his two daughters (I’m assuming) in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom in May 2001.

About a month earlier, my good friend Jocco bought a new (used) Honda, and we decided that if he bought the car we would break it in with a road trip to Disney World. Four of us ended up going on that trip: Jocco, Latta, Dave, and myself.

We left Columbus, Ohio around 7PM and drove through the night without stopping for sleep. We checked into our hotel in Orlando in the early afternoon and immediately crashed. A few hours later, we were up and ready to eat, drink, and hang out in the pool.

The trip gave birth to many amazing and hilarious moments that I still hold dear to this day, including a tongue-in-cheek tribute to Dale Earnhardt in Daytona, an awkward encounter in the hot tub with some women from Denmark, and a heated argument about whether or not man has been on the moon.

We only went to two of Disney’s four parks on that trip (Magic Kingdom and Epcot). After three days in Florida, we packed up Jocco’s Honda and headed back to home. Although brief, the trip will forever hold a special place in both my heart and head.

The image was shot on 120 transparency film with my Mamiya RB67. I processed the positive color reversal film in C-41 chemistry (or negative color film chemistry), which is also a developing process known as cross processing. This process is what gives the image its high contrast and vibrant colors.

No one in the shot is posed. In fact, because of the way you hold an RB67 (you hold it low and look down into it rather than aiming it directly at your subject and looking through the camera), they probably never even knew I took the image. I can’t remember exactly, but I think I only shot a few images of them that day; it’s even possible that this is the only frame I shot of them.

It’s weird for me to think that those two girls are probably now close to being (if not already) adults.

While somewhat dark and ominous, this image captured a brief moment of exhaustion in the middle of what I’m sure was a nonstop and fun family vacation. I like that thought. Everyone’s Disney vacation photos are of people on rides or standing with characters. Nobody takes photos of moments of rest.

You can expect to see more images from this vacation at some point in the future.

Dale fought the wall,


Old Poop!