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…and Pauly Shore in this Funny or Die short.

Shore’s Weiner,



…and now I do.

Here’s a better look at the artwork.

On a t-shirt!

Thanks for the gift, brotha!

Hey! Pass me a t-shirt,


Koechner + Theune = Funny or Die!

…in this Funny or Die video titled “COPS: Ferguson.”



Theune as Breyer!

…in this Funny or Die video.

Sometimes they make good points,


Dave Theune + Marilyn Manson

This Halloween Anthology from Funny Or Die.

He’s a doctor again,


Dave Theune + She-Ra

…plays doctor to Kylie Minogue’s She-Ra in this new Funny or Die short.

I hope Fisto makes an appearance,


So... good.

…right here.

Cunt punt,


Jorge as Steve Wozniak in Funny or Die's "iSteve."

right here, right now!

You just got Jesus Jones’d,



But you have to wait until April 15th to witness it.

Justin Long as Steve Jobs looks like my dad,


…right here.

I can’t believe some of that isn’t CG,


Old Poop!