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How do I know? Because later this month it’s being released there on DVD and Blu-ray, and buyers will be able to pick from one of these three collector’s covers.

German "Vendetta" cover A!

German "Vendetta" cover B!

German "Vendetta" cover C!

Me and Hasselhoff,


Yeah... was a damn good night.

McDonald’s followed,



…we will be back from spending ten days in Berlin…


…and four days in Istanbul.

Hence, the painfully long delay in updates here on “The Blarg.”

That delay is over as of today.

Stay tuned,


Backpacking beer buddies!

That’s a whole lot of Bs,


Back from Belgium!

…but we were in Germany and Belgium for two weeks.

The good news is I’m back, so look for a plethora of posts pronto.

So many Ps,


…we’ll be on our way to Germany… again!

Ein bier bitte,


…and Germany proved to be a pretty good haul.

I actually bought a few of those,


…I’ll be on my way to Germany!

Auf wiedersehen,


…for Germany’s website

Check out more of them here.

For a split second I thought they were real,


…is making the rounds on a few shows to promote “Lost.”

Here he is on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” from last week:

And from “The Bonnie Hunt Show” earlier today:

He’s also currently in Spain to promote the launch of Season Five there, and did this bizarre (and slightly awkward) show with puppets:

Jorge also made a stop in Germany last week, and as much as I’d love to post the lederhosen picture I just got in an email, I don’t want to steal the thunder from Jorge’s eventual blog post.

Also, be sure to check out my sister’s blog to see more pictures from the trip, and remember to watch “Lost” tomorrow night on ABC!

Hurley is my favorite Wisconsin city,


Old Poop!