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Remember when my sister Bethany and her boyfriend buddy Jorge had a “Lost” podcast called Geronimo Jack’s Beard?

Well, guess what?!? They’re coming back next month with Diego’s Soul Patch, a podcast dedicated to Jorge’s new show “Alcatraz” which debuts in just a few weeks (January 16th) on FOX.

I’ll be sure to post an announcement when the first podcast goes live, but in the meantime check out their new site here to get acquainted with Diego’s Soul Patch.

Also, like “Alcatraz” on Facebook here and follow the show on Twitter here.

And here’s the newest trailer just for fun:

Loving that logo… can’t wait for it to be available on a coffee cup (hint, hint),


A brand-new “Lost” podcast that covers every episode from all six seasons.

Stay tuned,


…at the Santa Monica Airport. Here are a few photos!

The van, man!

Virgin full of heroin!


Mr. Cluck’s!

Dharma beer!

Winning balls!

The hangar… and more Mr. Cluck’s!

The costume contest judge panel (seated, L to R): Producer Noreen O’Toole, Bethany Shady (Geronimo Jack’s Beard), Sterling Beaumon (Young Ben Linus), and Daniel Roebuck (Dr. Leslie Arzt).

Costume contest finalists: Kate, Sawyer, the polar bear, Danielle Rousseau, the “Dear Mr. Sawyer” letter, and Mother.

Don’t tell him what he can’t do!


And finally, the polar bear asked if she could take a photo with me and my friend Erick because she wanted “…a picture with fake Damon and fake Carlton for a ‘Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear’ shot.”

I saw a stack of papers sell for $15,000,


…yesterday was a HUGE day on “The Blarg.” With over 2,200 visitors, Thursday was the second biggest day on the site ever! Yay!

Thanks, Geronimo Jack’s Beard! I appreciate it!

May’s gonna be the biggest month yet,


Mmmm… ain’t nothing better than sipping some Alterra Coffee out of Geronimo Jack’s Beard. Thanks, guys!

Click here to learn more and to get your own mug.

Holy Christ… I’m bald,


…right here!

The ol’ “rubber hose across the doorway” trick,


…right here!

Everybody loves,


…right here!



Dig it here!

Heh… package,


Check it out right… here!

Older and prettier than Dick Clark,


Old Poop!