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I was recently reading up on the Kremlin (for this installment of Shady’s Shorts) when I decided to hit up Google Maps to see where it was located in Moscow.

I clicked on Street View to get a look at the buildings when I came across this:

Annie, are you okay?

Here it is zoomed in:

Are you okay, Annie?

That’s one smooth criminal!

He left the bloodstains on the carpet,


…so, naturally, I’ve been reading up on some of the Zodiac Killer’s history.

I was trying to figure out the distance between two of Zodiac’s kill sites—Lake Herman Road and Blue Rock Springs Park—so I looked it up on Google Maps.

Here’s the turnout on Lake Herman Road where Zodiac killed Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday:

Lake Herman Road on Google Maps.

But if you zoom in on the sign just to the left of the truck, you’ll find this:

He lives.

He lives.

Or some dipshit teenagers did it,


…and zoom in real close…

…you just might see a super handsome guy walking his awesome dog.

They didn’t blur the tattoos,


Old Poop!