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Is this a fucking joke?

…you can take us off your mailing list and go fuck yourself.

He should be marched into Lake Michigan,


Governor Scott Walker (who, I’m convinced, is the Antichrist) has taken to having protestors of any kind, or anyone holding any sign for that matter, arrested from the state capitol.

Check out this video of people holding signs (literally, just that) being arrested…

…and then read this article about Walker’s installation of panic buttons.

Take back Wisconsin,


Too bad I’m an atheist,


That is all,



Get involved here.

Let the games begin,


You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

If you’re a white, millionaire male and you voted for the GOP in this recall election, I get it. You’re serving those who serve you.

But if you’re anything but the above niche group, you need to open your fucking eyes and realize that you’re blindly serving a party that could give two shits if you live or fucking die.

Keep voting against your best interests, morons; us sane people will continue to mock you.

Someone needs to kick the living shit out of Scott Walker (and yes, I realize in this post-Gabrielle-Giffords-assassination-attempt world that’s not the PC thing to say, but I’m fucking pissed so fuck off),


PS: Waukesha County is the new Florida.

…and make me proud.

Walker’s next,


…but this time he’s not going after the unions. No, this time he’s going after the civil liberties of same-sex couples.

Learn more here, then go here to sign a petition to stop Walker’s bigotry.

Scott Walker is a present day Joseph McCarthy,


Good riddance.

Dumbass doesn’t even begin to describe him,


Keep on keeping on,


Old Poop!