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…about life on the rails.

n8tch (AKA “Notch Eight”) is filled with stunning imagery and interesting stories about railfans, railcar graffiti, and what it’s like to spend most of your days (and nights) on a train.

Pick up your own copies (it’s on its second issue) of n8tch here, check out their Tumblr page here, and follow them on Instagram here.

Makes me nostalgic for those old interlocutor days,


Fat bitches need love, too!

The fact that someone felt the need to write that on a bathroom wall is insane,


Uhhh... okay?

If you insist, weirdo,


"A" for effort. "F" for execution.

Your “your” should be “you’re,”


Where the recycling bins are...

…has to resort to garbage can graffiti to spread his message.

Take me down to the… curb,


…got a huge boost recently with these two new pieces by German graffiti duo Herakut. (Click on all images for a larger version.)

Learn more about Herakut here.

And then there’s this. Just as sweet, but for a totally different reason.

Glad I saw these before some asshole painted over them,


…and an equally profound bathroom response.

Noticed it while taking a leak,


That’s all,


…the animated video “Muto” by artist BLU hit the Internet.

Two days ago, BLU posted a brand-new video titled “Big Bang Big Boom.”

That’s some serious dedication to your art,


Old Poop!