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Beach bums!

…for coming on down for some beach fun a few weeks ago!

No more beach fun for awhile,



…from Chucky!


And a pumpkin!


And Supermarket Sweep champions!


And from all us Shadys!


And like that, my favorite time of year comes to an end,


PS: There was also an appearance of a duck, which some of you may remember.


Another great round of guests!

…for visiting and making for a great weekend!

A mix of old and new friends,


…a “baby doctor” Barbie to be exact. (Seriously, that’s what she’s called.)

Grey's first Barbie!

But for some reason, it came with this baby claw machine…

Grey's first baby claw machine!

…though I’m not sure the person playing wins or loses with that prize.

Thanks to Uncle Bob for the gift!

I bet Kenley could win a baby,


We had a Dima!

…for coming to visit, albeit briefly.

Next time bring the whole family,


Three. Wow.

You’re the bestest.

Much love,


Yay! Mel!

…for stopping by for dinner last week!

The last time Mel saw Grey she was only three months old, and he’d never met West, so it was great to catch up.

Also, he gave me a sweet candy bar… but more on that later.

The wave of guests continues,


You SURE this is for kids?

…but this one takes the cake.

I’m assuming that roughly translates to “guru of the butthole.”

Just a guess,


Another Kelsey visit!

…for visiting us last week!

She then traveled east to go west,


…just got real weird.

I took Grey and West to the park and found these on the ground:



...if you say so.

Not sure how effective they are, but they’re definitely entertaining.

Gonna have to look it up,


Old Poop!