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…proposed to K.B. Specifically, in a car parked in front of an L.A. Fitness gym.

L.A. proposal spot!

And that other spot in L.A. where I carved our initials into freshly poured sidewalk cement. Specifically, in front of our first apartment at 8635 Cashio Street.

L.A. carved concrete spot!

They’re both still there,



…uses the weight machines inappropriately.

And I don’t mean inappropriate in a “he uses the machines improperly” kind of way either. (Of course, that’s true as well, but that’s not the disturbing part.) No, I mean inappropriate in a “the machines should be given a rape kit after he’s done using them” kind of way.

It’s really gross. You should see the looks on people’s faces as they walk past him. It’s priceless.

He humps the air,