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This is Halloween!

…from the Spider, Pirate Incredible Hulk, Nathan Wind as Cochese, and Sir Stewart Wallace as himself.

Just wait until you see this year’s holiday card,


…for my good friend Neal E. Fischer’s Triviality podcast!

Grey and West may even make an appearance, so check it out on your podcast service of choice, or connect directly to it here.

They’re never too young to learn about onscreen kills,


PS: If you missed me playing as a Triviality guest last year, check that out here.

Carved pumpkins! A week late!

…a week after Halloween.

Don’t judge us! Things have been crazy!

Still, we had fun carving last night and think they turned out alright for having it been so delayed and rushed. Also, we really wanted to eat the seeds.

Seeds. Delicious seeds.

The official end of my favorite holiday,


This year, the Shady family decided to go as friends from Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

Grey was the center of attention as the man himself.

Paging Miss Danger.

KB conjured up the spirit of the late, great Phil Hartman as Captain Carl.

That's her real five-o-clock shadow.

I granted wishes as Jambi.

Wish? Did somebody say wish?

And West’s first Halloween costume was Pterri the Pterodactyl.

And Pterri!

Have a Happy Halloween!

But I don’t want to be the Pterri,


PS: I know I’m biased, but last year’s costumes were pretty sweet, too.


2016 pumpkins!

As some of you may know, Grey loves making this scary face.

Grey face!

So we decided it was only appropriate to carve that face into her pumpkin.

Grey pumpkin!

Beth did an awesome carve of the “snake creature” from Beetlejuice. We’ve come for your daughter, Chuck!

"We've come for your daughter, Chuck!"

For her second Halloween costume, Grey decided to go as John Belushi as a Killer Bee from Saturday Night Live. This is keeping with her “going as someone as someone” tradition.


She thinks she pulled it off pretty well…

Grey Bee-lushi!

…and she especially liked her stinger.

Now with more stinger!

KB and I opted for the Martians of Sesame Street.

Sesame Street Martians!

Here we are in action:

Happy Halloween from the Shadys!

The real most wonderful time of the year,



October was nuts… so was November,


This year, we attempted a theme: We would each go as a Will Ferrell character.

Unfortunately, KB’s Ron Burgundy didn’t happen, but Grey went as Harry Caray.

Grey as Harry Caray!

I went as Gene Frenkle, AKA Blue Öyster Cult’s “MORE COWBELL!” musician.

More cowbell!

That’s a woman’s sweater. And I really need to work on that beer gut.

Anyway, Grey also got this cute Batgirl costume from her Great Aunt Carol, so she rocked that outfit as well.

Grey as Batgirl!

Obviously, things have been crazy, but I think we did okay for throwing them together last-minute.

I went trick-or-treating in my costume… alone… at 2AM,


Still scary as fuck.

They all float,


Reich or treat!

One and the same if you asked me,


…an old CCAD friend named Mike Olenick posted this on his Facebook page:

“Every year when Halloween rolls around I’m reminded of one of the great mysteries in my life from my freshman year of college in 1996. I would like to solve this mystery, and so if you know anything about it please let me know. I want to know who shit on the dance floor of the basement of the CCAD dorms (AKA the cafeteria) DURING the Halloween dance party. Was it a Stormtrooper? Or could it have been Godzilla? Or was it someone else? Did he/she have accomplices? Maybe you were there and saw something. Maybe you heard about it afterward. Maybe you were the shitter? Please feel free to share any pictures you may have of this event. Even if this remains to be one of life’s great unsolved mysteries, I will never forget Joe Frash holding a microphone and pointing to a turd on a floor repeating, ‘This is not funny… there is feces on the floor.’ Let’s share and tag the heck out of this until we get some answers. You can also tell me privately if it needs to remain a secret. Justin Shady, do you know anything?”

Yes, you read that correctly. On Halloween 1996, someone took (or left) a shit in the middle of the “dance floor” at the Halloween party in the cafeteria at CCAD. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the mystery shitter was, but I do have a bunch of photos from that night.

So here you go, Mike-O. I hope these jog someone’s memories… if not their colon.

Michelle Ciappa as a pregnant nun and… shit, two more people. The older I get, the more names disappear from my brain.


Dave Buenning as Uncle Fester and Emily Reineck, who also just so happened to be my girlfriend at the time, dressed up as a princess.


Apparently, my idea of a costume back then was a bad wig, an ugly shirt, an elephant mask, and lipstick applied haphazardly around my lips. I still own (and wear) that shirt, though. Seriously.


Two fellow RAs: Aaron Zimmerman and Jay Mueller as a priest.


Mark Mattson in what might be one of my all-time favorite Halloween costumes.


I can’t remember the names of the two guys on the left, but the fabulous man in drag on the right is Johnny Photos.


Marcia Kranz, Jamie Coulson (in the mask and military outfit), and two more human beings!


Aaron and Jay with two non-costumed folks.


I want to say the guy on the left was named Jay, but I might be wrong. Princess Leia and Han Solo? No idea.


Catwoman and Pale-Faced Girl.


Jay and Michelle.


Reagan (or possibly Regan), who, if I remember correctly, was student council president at the time.




Mandy, Jamie Breitsch, Mike Olenick, and Brian (sorry, I can’t remember everyone’s last name). Mike is the one who put the call out on Facebook.


More Jamie Breitsch!


And finally, the obligatory gaggle of Stormtroopers. Though it remains unclear if any of them were Stormpoopers.


So there you go, Mike-O! I hope these help.

A night I’ll never forget… because, you know, someone took a shit on the floor,


Old Poop!